The Bakery

The contempory hexagons
This is just a random cake I did for myself but in a modern take of Batman using the colours in moderation to the batman suit
Doggy delicious!
Something new i've tried on my birthday, making these dog face cupcake toppers. loved doing it was a hit too!
Zebra cake
This is a chocolate and orange cake, was topped with glossy chocolate ganache and when cut looks like a zebra.
Giant rose cupcake
Large cupcake cake, with chocolate fingers and piped rose buttercream.
Creme patisserie fruit tart
This is a unglazed tart is a sweet shortcrust pastry, filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh fruit and for customers, i glaze the tart with apricot jam.
Apple cake tarte tatin
A caramelised apple base, with a rich spiced cake and some gold spray (as it was christmas).
Hot cross buns
These are unglazed fresh out the oven hot cross buns, done the traditional way, with fruit and spices, but other versions are available.
Mulled Wine
A christmas must for me every year, this year was made non-alcoholic, with fruit and spices and stored back in the wine bottles.
Chocolate coke cake
My infamous cake has been made for over a decade. Moorish, rich chocolate cake with coke to add moisture and flavour, with a set frosting, and a message on top if you wish.
Candied orange cake
Thin candied orange slices atop a cake, always a winner. Other citrus fruits can be used too if preferred.
Batman cake
This was something I made for my 19th birthday at university. This can be adapted for other superheroes or characters too.
Chocolate dipped shortbread
All butter shortbread, dipped in chocolate. Other shapes available.
Mum's 50th Paddington bear cake
A layered vanilla madiera cake filled with raspberry preserve and my white chocolate buttercream, red lustre dust fondant disc and handmade fondant paddington bear with suitcase. This cake recipe also converted the non-cake eaters to like cake!
Homemade Granola
This granola is a combination of oats, nuts, honey, homemade vanilla extract and various fruits, plus edible glitter for the special occasions.
Chocolate peanut butter cake
A celebration cake of chocolate cake with peanut butter, Set buttercream outside and drizzled with a chocolate ganache, salted peanuts and reese's pieces.
Lemon Posset
A simple tangy dessert, which can be made as lemony as you like.
Giant shell cupcake
A large vanilla cupcake cake, decorated in blue buttercream, pearlescent white pearls and pastel fondant shells.
My first attempt at making a terrie in a sack to top the cupcake.
Pear and almond tart
A favourite of mine, sweet shortcrust pastry, poached pears, and almond pastry cream. Glazed with apricot jam and topped with toasted flaked almonds. Even nicer at christmas, with pears poached in my homemade mulled wine!
Disney cake
A simple birthday cake, with Pluto's collar around the base, Minnie mouse bows and ears, along with some of the characters layered faces. Can be adapted to order.
Christmas cake
This very large square (or circular) cake, with over a kilo of fruits and nuts soaked for days in liquors, spices and fruit and gently baked. I use a brandy marzipan and fondant icing to keep the rich moist taste without constantly drenching with alcohol.
Chrysanthemum cupcake
A cupcake any flavour you like, with petals on top to look like a chrysanthemum. This has a pale blue tinge to the petals.
Chocolate ganache tart
An almond sweetcrust pastry crust with a rich set chocolate ganache base and lighter cream and ganache topping.
Cookie jar
This is a gift i do for my nephews. I'm happy to use a jar of your choice, (or i can purchase one.) Then layered with a triple chocolate cookie recipe, a label, plus a sheet with instructions. Great as keeps kids busy in holidays, gives yummy treats to all the family and have a jar at the end too.
Homemade coconut marshmallow
I always make 2 types of marshmallow with my homemade vanilla extract at christmas. Toasted coconut marshmallows for the adults and just marshmallow for the kids. Always a winner!
Pie cake
Yes i have written it correctly! A salted caramel apple pie, baked inside a madiera sponge cake. A great 2-in-1 from the states of USA!
Chilled vanilla cheesecake
This can have your choice of biscuit base, and filling, but this is a classic combination of digestives and vanilla filling, set with a bit of gelatine too.
My first time at making this Labrador style to top my cupcakes.
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