Animals & Homeware

HOME ornament
Large MDF letters in deep purple and teal, with a box frame with wooden heart insert and glass top.
Heart decoration
A 3D white heart with a red glitter stencil, distressed and ready to hang.
A matte pink flamingo with the gold beak and stand with gloss finish.
Book Hedgehogs
These are made from recycled books and can be sprayed/stippled brown and bronze for a more realistic look, or left plain
Time for tea!
This tea tray is a magenta pink tray with a teapot decoupage insert. All finished with a matte varnish.
Big bear
This is a large bear in a matte brown colour with some copper and gold for subtle sparkle, cream paws and muzzle with a large red bow. So cute!
Pot ornament
A black and red pattern in the heart window, with charcoal grey edging, red top and white to make it pop. Handy to hold your odds and ends.
Spatula decoration
White spatula, hanging keys, and written that the 'key to happiness is love.'
Dog ornament
White dog with a pom pom collar.
Tray decoration
Minty green tray, and delicate pink and gold lace decoupage, great for jewellery, pot pourri or even on its own.
Racket clock
This clock, made from a badminton racket, has a fabric top and clock in the centre.
Cat ornament
This sleepy tabby cat is done in a burnt copper orange, black stripes and a little collar.
Home decoration
This was a requested piece, for a grey/red themed room. grey letters with red stenciling and a stand up red heart too.
Love decoration
Black and gold letters, with pearl and heart decorations.
Psychadellic cat
A long tailed cat with various sized and coloured stripes.
Simply a black and white collie dog with the white cuffs.
Pot decoration
A small pot with decoupage, paint, ribbons and a button.
Bird decoration
A gold and black bird with feathers.
A small giraffe, done basic, with his spots with golden glitter finish on them to make them stand out.
Spatula decoration
White spatula, with a heart chalkboard attached to a peg clip. great for notes, reminders and even photos. Worded 'do what you love' with hearts and pom pom detail.
Dog ornament
Decoupage dog, with button nose and ribbon collar.
Pot decoration
Simply white and gold with purple stenciling.
Spoon decoration
White spoon with love and hope, roses, hearts and hanging little birds carrying charms.
Jewellery tree
A white jewellery tree with white a silver glitter dripping down.
Dog ornament
A dalmatian decorated dog with a red collar, just like Pongo from 101 dalmatians.
Home Ornament
A combination of black, gold, blue and purple lettering with a gold glitter detail.
Book bunting
A simple recycled book, with rope that's turned into bunting. Great idea for nursery/bedrooms.
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