I'm Oxfordshire based self-taught home baker/crafter, and for years I've wanted to create a website, and only now have I decided to give it a shot!

I have A levels for BTEC National Diploma Art & Design: (fine art, graphics, photography and textiles.) I have been taught food safety and hygiene via work placements in the past including kitchens and cafes, and further hope to proceed with going to college to get certified in certain areas to begin improving on my techniques, skills and products on this site.

My health has always been a challenge for me since childhood, and the past several years my health has taken its toll physically, so I began teaching myself to knit, and do various crafts to pass the time, save money on shop bought gifts and create gifts with a more personal touch.

There has always been a passion for anything hands-on and creative, whether it's using wax, pencil, paint, wool or even food; there are endless designs/recipes, to what can be made, altered and recycled, and i wanted to turn that passion of mine into a website for others to see, order, buy, and enjoy for themselves.

If anyone has any old/used or leftover candles, books, fabric scraps, buttons, and any other haberdasheries that are no longer of use, i'd be happy to take them off your hands, and even if I cannot use them they would be donated too my mental health craft group or my knitting/sewing group who make items that are sold, and then donate the money to local charities, the church, or hospitals, etc.

My email address and mobile are attached as I'm happy for personalised requests, designs and even initialized ideas that are great for those special gifts all year round.

Collection is free, but however for delivery P&P fees will apply.

I hope you all enjoy looking at the website, it will expand gradually to more items once i get started and hopefully I can make this into a little successful business!




Jess Bowerman

Email: jessbwrn@hotmail.co.uk  /  Tel: 07896596722

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